Congratulations On Your Relocation Opportunity!

If this is your first relocation, you may be wondering what comes next or perhaps you are seasoned, having relocated numerous times. Regardless of your specific situation, Broker Patty Da Silva will skillfully guide you through the process of selling your home or purchasing your new home. Relocation assistance is a benefit designed to help ease the burden of moving whereby the government, military or private employer incurs or reimburses costs associated with relocating an employee out of the city, state, or even the country. In many instances, the employer retains a third party relocation company to coordinate the specifics of the move from beginning to end. If this is the case, then your sale or purchase becomes an intricate process. 

Broker Patty Da Silva's role is to work hand-in-hand with the client and relocation company to facilitate the purchase of a new home or to sell the employee's existing home with the ultimate goal of managing all of the details for the employee so that they may remain focused on their job. Prolific in this specialized aspect of real estate sales, Broker Patty Da Silva proudly holds the Military Relocation Professional (MRP) designation, which provides an understanding of the processes and procedures associated with Military relocation. This knowledge allows Patty to quickly identify the steps necessary to help service members sell and purchase a home. 

In addition to the typical components associated with a standard real estate sale/purchase agreement, relocation assistance often entails adhering to specific standards and guidelines set forth by the relocation company and or employer. This is precisely where skill and knowledge becomes integral to successfully assisting a relocation client with the sale of their home or with the purchase of a home in their new city. Broker Patty Da Silva and her team of professionals have extensive knowledge in this realm, having represented countless relocation clients including government employees, diplomats, military personnel, and corporate executives. These experiences provided an elevated level of expertise which surpass the basic skill-set of the typical real estate professional. From property analyses to inventory and special disclosures, relocation representation is an intricate process, which is best carried-out by a knowledgeable and experienced broker.

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