Lighthouse Point

Beautiful seaside community

There's a lot to love about living here, such as the proximity to the beach and the abundance of wonderful eateries. This fantastic suburb earns bonus points for its weather, amenities, excellent schools, low crime, and plentiful job options. 

This area is home to several multimillion dollar properties. Some of the most stunning mansions are located right on the water and give direct boat access. 

Lighthouse Point's culture revolves around yachting, but there's much to do ashore as well. There's plenty to do in the nearby vicinity once you've sailed the ocean blue as much as you like. 

Lighthouse Point has pubs, bars, restaurants, and shopping — you name it, and you'll find everything here. There's no way you'll get bored, but if you do, you'll be close to some of Florida's top attractions. For example, Miami is only 40 miles south, and Fort Lauderdale is only a short drive away.



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